At My rustic place, our goal is to interweave aesthetic innovation, with  function, designing and re imagining your spaces with timeless products. The range of products in our portfolio are almost non-replicable and atypical, each telling a distinctive story, each bearing a distinctive anatomy. We distinguish ourselves in the design of timeless, quality furnishing-art products, in our promotion of local skill and craftsmanship, and in the use of carefully selected raw material- much of it recycled, reused or salvaged wood, metal, glass, plastic, paper, or concrete.

Our products tell the story of a fresh style and radical approach, enabled by our innovative team which works with our clients to enable them experience fun in their homes, hotels, offices and other work or business premises with our products

Interior Design You Can Do From Your Home

With an interior design experience that’s 100% online, designing your dream space as never been easier. Start your online interior design project today!

How We Work


You first see what is offered on our website or social media handles.

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Identify what product you like. A visit to our workshop is by appointment on an agreeable date and time.


You can now order for customized items— working closely with our customer representative.


We take on your  project. After all the days of visualizing, building, and weaving pieces together, we finally get to share them with our clients.